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THTC Xmas Flash Sale

It’s that time of year again, when in the spirit of a guy that taught people to abandon their material desires and embrace their fellow men, we…erm…buy more shit we probably don’t need and...

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THTC December CRISIS Campaign

    First up, apologies for not dropping a blog in such a long time. But let’s be honest, who wants to hear the content marketing efforts of a retail company? Well, we’re going...

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Save THTC Crowd Funding page

Click Here to make a donation to help THTC rebuild. This weekend I have been considering whether or not I can carry on with THTC. I have been running the brand for almost 16...

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The Beatbox Collective Interview

Battling top tiers worldwide, The Beatbox Collective merge to form versatile styles and create incredibly high impact and energetic shows. THTC caught up with The Beatbox Collective for an interview prior to their performance at...

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Introducing: Leeways

We’re big fans of roots, dub and reggae music, here at THTC, unsurprisingly. So it’s always a pleasure to find out about a sweet new band rocking our threads, that’s been pumping out some...

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