Let's Keep 4/20 Green, Together!

cIt's hard to believe that it's been nearly three years since the last Hyde Park 4/20, the seminal grassroots (pun intended!) event of the cannabis and hemp community, in the heart of London.

Up until the pandemic, attendance at 4/20 has grown and grown - and despite no support (and at times, active oppositions) from the local council and authorities, it's nearly always been a wonderful event.

So this year, at our community's triumphant return to Central London, THTC is organising a litter pick crew in collaboration with Seedsman Seeds, and the UK's leading food waste app, OLIO.

Join our crew, help out for the day tidying up, giving out refuse bags, and assisting folks in responsibly disposing of their waste - and pick up a few freebies, including free Seedsman seeds, THTC and Seedsman merch.

Our volunteer list is full for this year but if you'd like to sign up to next year email info@thtc.co.uk and we can add you to our list.